The Beauty of Rust

There seems to be two schools of thought in the vintage car world.  Some people like to restore things to their former glory with shiny new paint, polished chrome and decadent interiors.  Then there are those who like to keep it simple and see the beauty in the faded patina, rust and dents.  It is obvious what school of thought the owner of this beautifully weathered truck belongs to.

I asked Bud Watt what made him want to leave the truck in the condition it was in. He said, “Honestly, I saw one like it in a magazine and fell in love. Everything on that truck has a history, every dent, scratch and bump has a story and I don’t care if someone runs into it with a shopping cart, it will just add more character.” Bud also wanted me to let you know he is grateful to Shawn for all the work he did on the vehicle even though his efforts are not easily visible. Bud says, “ I want to thank Shawn for being so accommodating and taking such care in getting the truck finished.”

I have to admit that I have had the pleasure of riding in the truck and would buy it from Bud in an instant. I was so excited when we parked and used the air bags to lower it to the ground like a resting old giant. Like Bud, I immediately fell in love the moment I saw it sitting there at Driver’s Welding.   In fact I love the truck so much I am on the hunt for one. It will be similar to Buds in the sense that it will be sitting on a newer frame, bagged, and left rusty but it will definitely have a Miss Daisy twist. I am just not sure what that will be until I meet the truck.

So what do you think, rustoration or restoration? I think that Bud’s 49 Chevy with its stock engine sitting on an S10 frame with air bags is a piece of art on wheels. There is something about the trucks and cars from the late forties and early fifties that appeals to the artist in me. The unique lines and stance of these vehicles gives each one a personality and leaving them unrestored on the outside, in my opinion, helps that personality stand out.

So if you need some lake pipes, a new rear end, air bags or something else done to your vintage vehicle or hot rod check out Drivers Welding and tell them that Miss Daisy sent you.  You can always phone and talk to Shawn about your project, but I recommend you just drop by instead and check out the four acres of rust!