Major Metamorphosis

Shawn purchased this 1938 Morris minor from a friend in California in early 2017. The car took part in the Rock and Roll for Little Souls charity car show that is put on by the Saanich Firefighters every year at the Pearkes arena along with Lola the 1951 custom Cadillac that I own. The show was, as normal, a great success and Shawn and I both enjoyed participating in the event. This Morris had something that appealed to Shawn, though I couldn’t understand what it was at the time. The car was rusty, had grim reapers and skulls all over it and some humorous graffiti on the door. This was one purchase that I could not understand Shawn making. However, I am an open minded car girl and I trust his judgement when it comes to these things because this man has a gift for seeing what is not obvious to the rest of when it comes to cars and people. Shawn talks about these cars in terms I don’t always understand and it is almost as if he can see what these cars can be. Shawn can see the beauty that is hiding under the skulls and rust. He looks at the bones of the car and how well it is built, the rest of it is just cosmetics.

Sometimes these cars can be here on the property for a while before anything is done with them but it seems that the universe did not want us to wait any longer. An amazing artist and fabricator from Red Deer Alberta, who was here on vacation, stopped in to visit us and one month later he was living on the island. His name is Chris and he is an amazing airbrush artist, cartoonist, fabricator and inventor. You should stop by and see some of his work, oh yeah and when you do tell him Miss Daisy sent you. It won’t get you a discount but it will make him smile! He has a number of custom built choppers here as well as a customized Peterbuilt and is constantly busy as project after project roll through the shop. So if you need some custom art or parts built for your car or motorcycle stop by to see him soon, this man is in demand!

The latest project he was involved in is none other than the 38 Morris. These cars take many hands to bring them to a point that Shawn is happy with and we are lucky enough to have a number of talented people here in the shop working with us. The latest addition being a body work and paint phenomenon from Kelowna named Darren. Well the guys in the shop along with Chris and Darren have completed the metamorphosis of the 1938 Morris to Major Morris an edgy and old bomber inspired work of art . The body work done by the guys in the shop along with Darren, as well as Chris’s airbrush artistry have created another amazing piece of art on wheels. It is so difficult to describe this transformation that the pictures will have to speak for me. Though the car is not completely finished, I couldn’t wait to share the whole process with you and let you know about the newest talents on the island.

Shawn and crew just finished the restoration of a 1953 Mercury pick up that had been sitting in pieces in the clients garage for a number of years. This is a local Sooke truck so you may see the owners cruising through town. Give them a honk if you do! I love the lines on this truck and the paint color is amazing, a charcoal grey with a depth that you just don’t see in most grey vehicles. I also have a thing for grey because it matches my naturally grey streaked hair! The next project is a 1939 Dodge truck that is begging for some special paint effects but I won’t tell you anything else right now, you will have to check back with us on the website or facebook page to see what is happening.

See you on the road

Miss Daisy