Mickey Thompson 9553 – Mickey Thompson Racing Tubes



Mickey Thompson Racing Tubes – 9.50-15/16 MT 9553

Mickey Thompson Drag Tire Inner Tubes are made from 100 percent natural rubber with an aircraft-style removable valve stem that clamps to the wheel. Natural rubber is far superior to other materials because of its ability to conform to sidewall distortion and its resistance to deterioration due to many heat cycles. Extremely light weight and durable these tubes are a must for racing applications.?

Mickey Thompson® Natural Rubber Tube; Size 9.50-15/16; 24.50 in. To 28 in. Dia. Tires w/8 in. To 10.50 in. Tread Width;

Mickey Thompson Racing Tubes – 9.50-15/16 MT 9553. Mickey Thompson® Natural Rubber Tube. 9.50-15/16 MT RACE TUBE. Tire Inner Tube. Tire Tube

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